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Timmy's Cooking Show

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General Information

Available on:PCAug 30, 2019

Developer: Bmc Studio

Genre: Interactive Story

Based of the ending of the critcally acclaimed game "Unsubscribed", Bmc Studio brings you another fantastic game... Timmy's Cooking Show! The greatest game you'll ever play. This game is an all out crazy experience and will great for you, lonely person Timmy's Cooking Show is a movie game, similar to stuff you've seen before from the Bmc game library and other popular games! The game takes place in Timmy's kitchen where Timmy teaches you 8 of the most mindblowing and incredible recipes. The game also features mutiple choice dialog options. for more than 2 hours of length! You can even replay it and try all the different choices. Gordon Ramsay has no competition against Timmy in Timmy's Cooking Show!

Timmy's Cooking Show Critic Reviews

All those hoping to get a taste of Timmy's Cooking Show will leave with a bad taste in their mouth. The food is bad, the pacing is poor, and the gameplay is nonexistent.

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Timmy's Cooking Show (OFFICIAL GAME TRAILER)

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