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A Nightmare’s Trip

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Available on:PCOct 7, 2019


Adrien, a creature born of a young boy’s nightmares, takes a little summer vacation. A NIGHTMARE'S TRIP is a short visual-novel game from the development team behind RE: DECEIVED VOICE. Meet strange new characters. Tour around a colorful city. Turn the nightmares of the past into a fantastical dream made real. FEATURES: Enjoy a 2-3 hour narrative set in familiar places! Featuring original art from Moxie Riles (RE: DECEIVED VOICE), Christina Crichlow (Blissful Madness), and Aaron Yoder! Kinectic Storytelling - To the whim of several dialogue choices, change the story in subtle ways! Steam Integration - Unlock dastardly achievements and collect cute trading cards (not available at launch)! Meet a demon from hell! And play pachinko together? Resolve (temporarily) sibling troubles, commit gay crimes, get chewed out by Gaoma, and more!

A Nightmare’s Trip Reviews

Between its meandering writing and poor art, A Nightmare's Trip lacks the polish needed to stand out in the crowded visual novel space.

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