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Devil’s Kiss

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General Information

Available on:PCFeb 21, 2020

Developer: Size Five Games

Genre: Interactive Story

FIND OUT HOW IT ALL STARTED IN THIS ENTICING, HIGHLY-CHARGED VISUAL NOVEL PREQUEL FOR "LAIR OF THE CLOCKWORK GOD". Join heroes Dan and Ben as they navigate a rough first school day stuffed with flirting, demons, and all manner of compromising personal information. Dan pulls up to the gates of Big School with a glint in his eye and an eye to make friends with the most influential mid-nineties video game archetype, and start his career as a useless sidekick. Hang out with the personification of Point and Clicks, RPGs and shooty-bang adventurers, and get swept along on a mysterious Globe-spanning conspiracy!

Devil’s Kiss Reviews

If you like video games, have a sense of humour and remember the mid-90s, there's far worse things you can do for half an hour. Just don't buy it on its own.

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