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Dirty Harry’s Thunder Drive

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General Information

Available on:PCFeb 18, 2020

Developer: Thunder Clap

Genres: Racing, Action

Roar through the Retro 80s streets of Neon City in your sleek Red Stallion. In Dirty Harry's Thunder Drive, you have two goals: One, drive your car into the city's busiest highway and cause the biggest, most entertaining chain of destruction you can. Two, use the rubble and spare parts you collect to rebuild and upgrade your own car. UPGRADES The more destruction you cause, the more funds you earn to upgrade your stallion. Equip your car with dynamite for explosive power to send oncoming traffic flying. Or try a huge wrecking ball welded to the chassis to sweep out any cars, palm trees, or unlucky citizens it touches. With Speed and Armour upgrades available too, you can transform the beast into a reinforced speed-machine. Then, as you build up your skill you might find yourself flying and flipping through the air in a ballet of carnage. HAND-CRAFTED VIBES Everything you see, hear and feel was hand-crafted with love for Dirty Harry’s Thunder Drive, so that you can immerse yourself: sitting in your Red Stallion, driving into the sunset, head-first.

Dirty Harry’s Thunder Drive Reviews

Though Dirty Harry's Thunder Drive shamelessly copies Burnout's Crash Mode, the end result lacks the polish that put Criterion's title on the map.

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