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General Information

Available on:PCMay 11, 2020

Developer: vanripper

Genre: Adventure

You woke up one day with a dream. Harem full of demon girls. You've opened the portal in hopes of fulfilling your wildest desires. Hellfire burns through your lungs, death awaits around every corner and everything looks like from a cutesy mobile game. You are in hell. FEATURES: Traverse hell in search of love. Win the hearts of horrible demon girls. Kick adorable skeletons around. Solve puzzles as efficiently as possible. Or just skip puzzles in the menu. Try to not get murdered by demon girls. Get murdered by demon girls anyway.

Helltaker Critic Reviews

Helltaker features good puzzle mechanics, great aesthetics, and amazing storytelling. Though it is a bit on the short side, this venture into hell is worth a go for anybody looking for a little love.

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