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General Information

Available on:PCApr 24, 2020

Developer: Incineration Productions

Genre: Action

SpellPunk is a first-person multiplayer VR experience in which you will be immersed in a stunning, abstract world, experiencing fast-paced magical duels. In SpellPunk you will unleash extraordinary powers and turn into a mighty magician who will cast spells by drawing magical symbols in the air with his/hers own hands. Challenge your friends, become a Spellcaster and experience powers unknown! FEATURES Spell Casting: Draw the magic symbols for spells right with your hands. No pesky menus to get in the way here. Feel the actual power in your fingertips! Comic Book Art Style: If you are a comic book lover, you will definitely enjoy SpellPunk's visuals. Characters: SpellPunk features a full body avatar, which will increase the immersive experience making you feel like a real magician yourself and places you right in the magical duel. Powerful Visual Effects: The beautifully crafted VFX emphasise the grandeur of the spells and create a feeling of wonder and fulfilment after each successful spell cast. Specially Composed Music: SpellPunk features a banging hip hop mixed with techno soundtrack to accompany you during your duels. Offline / Training mode: Experience the game offline versus an AI opponent to train your skills. The training mode is also suitable in cases where you have a very slow Internet connection or when an Internet connection is not available. Casual matchmaking: Experience the game, playing an unranked multiplayer match where you have more health and mana than a normal or ranked match. This mode is suitable for people who are not very competitive and just want to have fun and / or train their skills versus other real players. Normal matchmaking: Experience an unranked multiplayer match versus a human opponent that has no effect on your ELO rating. Ranked matchmaking: Compete online for sweet victory and ranking on the Leaderboards.

SpellPunk VR Reviews

SpellPunk VR is a unique concept with incredible visuals and a lot of potential. The problem is that, right now, there's almost no content to be found. The game is designed as a multiplayer-only experience, but there's no player base to speak of at this time of review. Aside from that, it's a shallow experience that will only appeal to the most magic-crazy among us.

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SpellPunk VR's magic fizzles out from barely-working controls and limited engagement to keep players coming back after the first time.

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Where to Buy

SpellPunk VR - Launch Trailer, Available now on Steam and Viveport thumbnail

SpellPunk VR - Launch Trailer, Available now on Steam and Viveport

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