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Cranked Up

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General Information

Available on:PCMay 19, 2020

Developer: BBlack Studio

Genre: Adventure

Cranked Up is a challenging and crazy platform game where animal-themed donuts equipped with powerful rockets try to save Mr. Mug, their favorite cup of coffee! Master 50 different levels across two different worlds in an extensive single-player campaign mode, or team up with up to four friends. Play Cranked Up across various game modes, from Adventure story mode to hardcore The Floor is Lava and Time Trial modes. Roll, jump, bounce and maneuver a rocket-boosted donut to discover and explore increasingly more challenging levels across two different zany worlds - 50 levels in total! Finish each level by dunking in a cup of coffee. Roll, jump, bounce and adapt your donut mastery to the extreme Save Mr. Mug - everyone’s favorite cup of coffee - thwart a pineapple, and find out who is controlling the world in a complete single-player campaign. Revisit levels to collect hidden donuts, collecting all sugar boosts and discover secret levels. Play with up to four friends cooperatively in a completely offbeat universe, filled with sugared power-ups, evil pizza slices, and other bizarro elements. It’s not supposed to make any sense! Race each other in Versus Mode, go head-to-head and break a pal’s time record in Time Trial or avoid the ground in The Floor is Lava. See who gets to the top of the leaderboard! Unlock all 10 glazed donut characters, and customize your own gang of sweetened ring-shaped fried dough. Yummy! Master the Controls A nifty but highly unstable rocket system allows you to move your donut, but despite its outward simplicity, it remains a challenging way of maneuvering through the game world. Activate the right rocket at the right time. Otherwise, you risk going the wrong way. Explore 50 different levels across a single all-encompassing Adventure mode. Collect sugar boosts to unlock and find the hidden doughnuts. There is even a rumour of secret levels to be discovered! For you hardcore speedrunners out there, you can best the other player’s records in the challenging Time Trial mode. Crank your survival skills up a notch in the Floor is Lava mode. Challenge your friends to see who will ride best. Within a set time limit, beat your opponent's ghost and make your own best time!

Cranked Up Reviews

Cranked Up is an interesting take on the puzzle platformer genre that incorporates some vertical and horizontal puzzle play with a difficult rocket-based movement style. For the right player Cranked Up could be a delight, but for the uncoordinated, this game may not be their best tasting donut.

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Cranked Up Steam Early Access Gameplay Trailer

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Cranked Up Steam Early Access Launch Trailer

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