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Gun Skaters

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General Information

Developer: Funny Syntax Software

Genre: Action

Featuring easy controls and addictive skating mechanic, this game is designed to be enjoyed by 1-4 player(s) online or locally. You can play versus each other, work together to kill zombies, or even play a football game. It was a normal day for a few cowboys in the desert. They were about to battle when suddenly it started to snow. Now they have to duel wearing an ice skate! This game is super addictive specially with friends and family. GAMEPLAY MODES COME IN THREE DIFFERENT FLAVORS: Last Man Skating: Players battle versus each other. The player who survives 3 rounds first wins Football (2 players Vs 2 players): Players are divided into two teams and the team that scores 5 goals first wins Zombie Attack (CO-OP): Players work together to beat waves of zombies FEATURES: Addictive and fun skating mechanic! Play offline with up to 4 players or play online with your friends Rounds are short and quick to complete. Play the game anytime Replay value: level up and unlock new characters Amazing 16-bit retro nostalgic music that will be stuck on you head for hours

Gun Skaters Reviews


6.5 / 10.0

Gun Skaters is unique and fun multiplayer game, but there is a room for improvement.

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