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KARDS: Theaters of War

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General Information

Available on:PCJun 30, 2020

Developer: 1939 Games

Publisher: 1939 Games

Genre: Turn-Based Strategy

Historically accurate WW2 campaigns Theaters of War adds a series of five single-player campaigns, recreating some of the most iconic battles of the Second World War. KARDS five main nations - Britain, Germany, Japan, USA, and the Soviet Union - each receive their own unique campaign in the Theaters of War expansion. Each campaign offers three different strategies to achieve operational success and can vastly change the approach to victory. As you progress through the campaign, you will improve your units to tackle what is to come and to provide multiple paths to success. The combination of different strategies and units to upgrade provides a fun and engaging replay value for each campaign. Exclusive Headquarters with Theaters of War Playing through each of the Theatres of War campaigns, you will be able to unlock exclusive cards for each of the main nations. Among these cards are new HQs that correspond to the locations of each campaign. These special HQs will transform the playboard as the game takes you from the sandy dunes of Africa to the snowy tundra of the Soviet winter, adding a fresh feel to the clashes on the battlefield.

KARDS: Theaters of War Reviews

KARDS: Theaters of War is a great addition to an already enjoyable free to play card battler. The missions are challenging and feel satisfying to win, but they often put you in losing situations that are hard to crawl out of. Having to pay for an expansion to a free game may turn some players off, but there will be an option to purchase with in-game currency as well.

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In the original analysis, we mentioned the difficulty in bringing together, in many cases, a group of friends who were fans of the same card game in certain circumstances and how these types of games came to lend them a hand in the face of such a situation. With Kards: Theaters of War the experience is rounded off, becoming, even more, a game worth keeping an eye on.

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Theaters of War - All card revealed

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