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General Information

Available on:PCJun 28, 2020

Developer: Anatoliy Loginovskikh

Genre: Adventure

Hello, my friends! Today Grandpa Octopus will tell you a very instructive story... A long time ago, the magical Geese settled on a small island. They practiced magic, sang funny songs and made croutons. But one day, the evil Cthulhu rose from the depths of the ocean. He wanted to eat the sun and enslave the whole world! But the magical Geese did not let him do it... Cthulhu was defeated by the Goose Brotherhood! And before he sank to the bottom of the ocean, he said he would be back in a thousand years... And eat the sun! The Geese were glad to have won. They sang songs and ate croutons. The Geese stopped practicing magic, thinking that the evil Cthulhu was defeated forever. A thousand years had passed since then. And I know Cthulhu, he keeps his word... ABOUT THE GAME GEESE vs CTHULHU - a colorful and dynamic story about the magical Geese and the evil Cthulhu. Incredible heroes and unpredictable adventures await you! Play for the three-headed Super Drake! Fight against huge bosses while listening to drive music! Surprise the Mushroom Queen and pick all the mushrooms! Crush the jelly Ram and conquer the outer space! Remember that the Geese are watching you... GEESE vs CTHULHU - a game in the avoid-em up genre with elements of a top-down shooter, clicker and side-scroller. Intuitive interface, simple controls, colorful characters, a hot plot and great music! A game for everyone!

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GEESE vs CTHULHU is another great experience from the abstract world of Anatoliy Loginovskikh.

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