House on the Hill

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House on the Hill

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General Information

Available on:PCJul 29, 2020

Developer: Steppe Hare Studio

Publisher: Steppe Hare Studio

Genres: Action, Adventure, Horror

House on the Hill is a first-person story driven horror game which gives you the choice of your own nightmare. You play as a young thief with a struggling family. Your partner convinced you to take the final job and steal a rare jewel from an old mansion. Getting inside wasn’t easy, but it will be even harder to get out. Because the house will not let you go. There are nightmares inside. Each attempt to break free leads to a new story and a new ending. After each terrifying experience a foggy evening will return and you’ll go inside once again. The secrets of the mansion are open to those who are ready to plunge into madness. Uncover secrets of the house. Uncover secrets of your partner. Uncover your own secrets. EACH WALKTHROUGH IS UNIQUE Did you change your mind? The next time you can explore another part of the house, or even try to escape before you even step on its territory. Each attempt will lead to a new turn of your story. Every route hides its own tragedy and horror. With each new beginning, with each new nightmare, you’ll become more aware of what really happened. And maybe then the house will let you go. THE MANSION IS OPEN FOR YOU TO EXPLORE The huge Victorian estate is waiting for you. It’s full of secrets and mysteries. Dozens of rooms and hundreds of details form a web of stories. Riddles, secret chambers and hidden passages guard the memory of dark tragedies: family drama, psychological traumas and otherworldly madness are intertwined under one roof. How are these stories related? What is really going on here? FIVE STORIES. FIVE NIGHTMARES. Several genres of horror are combined into one single narrative. It reveals itself in a house that seems to be built at the crossroads of reality. The nature of evil will change depending on what you decide to pay attention to. Will it be mythical? Supernatural? Or will it come from another world? The house hides many nightmares. And he will not let you go until you meet each one of them. WHAT AWAITS YOU: Discover all secrets that are hidden behind the old walls of this gloomy house. Each walkthrough is unique and leads to its own story and ending. An intriguing story full of drama and horror. A huge Victorian estate is open for exploration. Riddles and puzzles that guard the hidden passages and secrets of the house. Non-linear walkthrough. Explore the house the way you want.

House on the Hill Critic Reviews

House on the Hill is an undeniably promising experience. Each of the four stories it presents may appear a little cliché to horror veterans, the game’s unique narrative flair carries just enough new ideas of its own to keep the experience interesting throughout and coming in at just over £5 with the tantalising possibility of future improvement updates and content additions; House on the Hill is a title that’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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