VenusBlood Frontier International

Ninetail, Dualtail, JAST USA

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VenusBlood Frontier International

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General Information

Available on:PCFeb 8, 2020

Developers: Ninetail, Dualtail

Publisher: JAST USA

Genres: RPG, Simulation, Strategy

...Gods in heaven, demons on earth, and a giant floating continent inhabited by humans. The continent known as the "Floating Continent of Yggdrasil" is also considered a floating miniature garden of the gods. It is a place where the human survivors of the great war live, the continent closest to the realm of the gods. The Dark Lord Surt who has his eyes set on that continent said this to his heirs: "The one who brings me the Heart of Yggdrasil said to be safeguarded by the goddesses on the Floating Continent of Yggdrasil shall be the heir to my throne. As long as you get your hands on the Heart of Yggdrasil, I will not question your methods or your past transgressions. You are free to make alliances between yourselves, sabotage, or even 'remove' your fellow heirs as you would any obstacle. Kill and rampage as you wish, and prove to me your strength and worth!" Hearing those words, Surt's heirs, all having motivations of their own, began their invasion of the Floating Continent of Yggdrasil. Among them, an ostracized member of the demon nobility, Loki, has also decided to participate in the prolonged battle for the throne. To become the Dark Lord means you will stand above and at the very top of every demon. If corrupting the goddesses said to be as beautiful and elegant as a flower in full bloom will be the key that leads to him gaining the throne, he saw no reason not to participate. 5 invading demons, and 5 goddesses fighting back. All the pieces have fallen into place. All that remains is for him to wager his own existence in this battle and fight. In a continent caught in a whirlpool of chaos and ambition, Loki's own ambition burns brightly.

VenusBlood Frontier International Critic Reviews

While I didn’t touch on everything found in VenusBlood Frontier International I feel this is a pretty good overview of how the game flows. While this combat sounds complicated it’s really not once you start playing and is actually highly addictive. I haven’t had this much fun with an SRPG in many years. The story here is top notch and I loved all of the characters found here. This is one of the few times I can say a game truly met my expectations, and I sincerely hope Ninetails will bring more of these titles to the West. For the $40 you’re getting 100+ hours of solid gameplay and story in a game that has some of the best music and artwork I’ve seen in a long time. This is a must own for visual novel fans and SRPG players alike.

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