Luigi's Mansion 3 Adds Haunting Multiplayer DLC in 2020

Luigi's Mansion 3 Adds Haunting Multiplayer DLC in 2020

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Luigi's Mansion 3 returns to its haunted hotel setting in 2020 with two paid expansions bringing new multiplayer content to the Nintendo Switch exclusive. The Luigi's Mansion 3 Multiplayer Pack includes two parts for $9.99, though they cannot be bought separately. Anyone who buys the Multiplayer Pack will also be given a new in-game Polterpup light called the Flashlight Type-P which can be used in either Story Mode or ScareScraper mode.

Multiplayer Pack Part 1 arrives before the end of April and will grant players three new mini-games for ScreamPark as well as three new outfits for the green go-getter along with new floors and ghosts with matching themes in ScareScraper.

The second expansion pack will follow by the end of July 2020 and will again include three more mini-games, three new outfits, and more themed ghosts and floors. Neither the contents of the mini-games nor the cosmetic themes have yet been revealed.

Despite what the title suggests, Luigi's Mansion 3 takes players out of a mansion and into a haunted hotel where each floor offers a unique theme of decor with the ghosts to match. Luigi's Mansion 3 is the first in the series to offer multiplayer and does so in various forms, including the game's story which can be played in co-op. Doing so puts the second player in the gelatinous shoes of Gooigi, a Luigi clone made out of ghost-like plasma.

Luigi's Mansion 3 launched, rather fittingly, on October 31 of this year, Halloween. It received virtually unanimous praise, garnering an 86 average on OpenCritic from 112 reviewers, with 94% of them recommending the game. As the name suggests, it's the latest sequel in the long-running series which began on Nintendo GameCube as a launch title in 2001. A follow-up, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, launched on Nintendo 3DS in 2013.

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