Red Dead Redemption PC Fan Project Has Been Shut Down

Red Dead Redemption PC Fan Project Has Been Shut Down

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A Red Dead Redemption fan project was shut down by Take-Two Interactive.

A fan project named "Red Dead Redemption Damned Enhancement Project" by developer Johnathon Wyckoff was shut down following a lawsuit from Take-Two Interactive. The project was reportedly meant to enhance the graphics and visuals of the original Dead Redemption game. The project was also aiming to bring the game to PC, a platform that it has not reached at this point.

This past September, Wychoff posted that the project was halted, but resumed work in November. However, the project was officially cancelled on December 27th after a lawsuit was filed in a New York court (Thanks Torrent Freak).

"Take-Two brings this action to maintain control over its world-famous video games in the face of Wychoff's publicly stated intent to distribute unauthorized software files that would dramatically change the content of Take-Two's video games," reads the lawsuit. "Those unauthorized changes include but are not limited to importing the entire game map of 2010's Red dead Redemption into the 2018 game Red Dead Redemption II, enhancing graphics and visuals in Take-Two's Red Dead Redemption game, and allowing players to play an enhanced version of the game on personal computer ('PCs'), a platform for which Take-Two itself has not yet released the Red Dead Redemption game."

Take-Two's lawsuit targets the "Red Dead Redemption Damned Enhancement Project," stating that the project utilizes game files from Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption to improve the performance of the game, and allows gamers to play the game on PC. According to the suit, this would destroy the market for an official, updated version of the game from Take-Two, and create competition for the company's PC-version of Red Dead Redemption II.

Wyckoff released a statement about the cancellation of his project on Twitter: "Take Two fine you win. RDR1 project cancelled happy. Stop the law suit I have a damn life. You guys should have waited I was gonna contact you this week. Geez you don't need to sue. Despite what you think you guys really killed modding."

Red Dead Redemption's sequel, Red Dead Redemption II, is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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