Red Dead Online Moonshiners Can Earn New Bonuses This Week

Red Dead Online Moonshiners Can Earn New Bonuses This Week

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Red Dead Online continues its western expansion this week with bonuses for its newest role-playing archetype as well as permanent and limited-time store items for all heroes and villains alike.

For moonshiners, the fourth and newest role in the burgeoning wild west, achieving Rank 3 before next week, January 13, will reward you with an exclusive colorway of the Kelley Boots. Bootleggers can also earn an instant 500 XP just for flavoring any batch of moonshine. Medium-strength moonshine sold will also grant players a 30% discount on the Norfolk Roadster horse. If you've not yet begun your career as an illegal brewer, this week comes with a 25% decrease on all Moonshiner properties and relocations.

It's not just the Moonshiners who get a boost this week, as Traders benefit from 40% price reductions on "Novice and Promising Trader Role Items, such as the Stew Pot and Medium Delivery Wagon." All of these rewards are available through January 13.

New clothing items have come to the stores too, including some that won't last long. Permanent additions to shop catalogs are the Rivera Hooded Tunic, McCrum Pants, the Palma and Baldock Hats, Kelley Boots and Pico Sandals. Meanwhile, the Boutell Hat and Leavitt Jacket are here only temporarily, though Rockstar didn't say how long that would be.

If you seek new game modes online, Rockstar has made those changes too. Free-Aim variants of several game modes are now on offer for all players. This includes adjusted versions of Hostile Territory, Overrun, Plunder, Spoils of War and Up in Smoke. For players who prefer the game without its soft auto-lock aim, this may be the game mode series for you.

Red Dead Redemption 2 launched in October 2018 to all-time great reviews, averaging a 96 on OpenCritic. It launched without multiplayer, but the ever-expanding suite came to the game weeks later for an extended open beta period. Today it's out of beta and is consistently one of the most played games on all its available platforms.

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