A Style Change System Is Coming to the Switch Version of Devil May Cry 3

A Style Change System Is Coming to the Switch Version of Devil May Cry 3

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We knew that there would be changes to the Nintendo Switch version of Devil May Cry 3, and now one of those changes has been revealed.

According to the Devil May Cry 3 website, the upcoming Switch version will feature a Style Change system. According to the game's website, Devil May Cry 3 will now feature a Style Change system that allows Dante to switch up his Style on the fly. Players will be able to level up their weapons and Styles, including Swordmaster and Gunslinger, as they see fit and create a playstyle that fits them. The Style Change section of the website features an image that shows a change to the game's UI. The Style that Dante is using will now be displayed above his health bar.

For those who have played Devil May Cry 3 before, the ability to switch up your Style on the fly will be a game changer. The system was added to later games, and changed how the series was played. In the original Devil May Cry 3, players had to choose their Style before jumping into a mission. They had to stick to that Style throughout the mission, and were stuck to that Style's moveset. Now gamers will be able to mix movesets and perform combos that were not available in the game before.

Capcom had teased that the Switch version of Devil May Cry 3 would have "a little something extra." It is not known if the Style Change system is that something extra that the developer mentioned, or if there will be more. The developer did state that they will be dropping more information on January 16th, January 30th, and February 13th. We will have to wait to see what else Capcom has up their sleeve for this port of the game.

Devil May Cry 3 will release digitally on the Nintendo Switch on February 20th. The game will be the Special Edition version of the game, which made a few additions to the original, including the ability to play as Dante's brother, Virgil.

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