Photo Mode and Other Once-Exclusive Red Dead Redemption 2 Content Finally Comes to Xbox

Photo Mode and Other Once-Exclusive Red Dead Redemption 2 Content Finally Comes to Xbox

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If you've been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 on Xbox and wondering how such a beautiful game could come without a photo mode, that's because Xbox was left out of the deal between PlayStation and Rockstar that guaranteed a period of exclusivity for the feature.

In addition, several missions were also timed-exclusives for PlayStation at launch, though last fall's staggered ports to Stadia and PC also gave those versions this exclusive content. Finally, all of this once-exclusive content is today available on Xbox.

Here's everything that's included in the update today:

  • 3 Story Mode Bounty Hunter Missions
  • 2 Story Mode Gang Hideouts
  • 2 Story Mode Treasure Maps
  • “To The Ends of The Earth” Story Mode Mission 
  • 4 Weapons Added to Story Mode
  • 7 Horse Breeds Added to Story Mode
  • 5 Hidden Trinkets Added to Story Mode

If Red Dead Online is more your thing, this week introduces several new bonuses for westerados. Completing Free Roam missions will earn you 50% XP bonuses with Trelawny and Sean or A Land of Opportunities with Horley. The gun stores are also having a sale, offering 30% discounts on all gun barrels, sights, scopes, and stocks.

If you're not yet rank 10 and manage to achieve it before January 27, you'll earn a 30% discount off the next horse you buy. Manage to get to rank 20 before the same date will get you a second identical coupon. As always, players are encouraged to check the Benefits section of the pause menu to see which active offers they may redeem.

Red Dead Redemption 2 came to PS4 and Xbox One in 2018, receiving virtually unanimous praise. This past fall, it also migrated to Stadia and PC -- the first time ever that the series has come to either platform. Its OpenCritic average of of 96 makes it one of the best-reviewed games of all-time.

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