Astro Bot's Director Is Now In Charge at Sony Japan

Astro Bot's Director Is Now In Charge at Sony Japan

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Sony Japan Studio has named Nicolas Doucet its new studio director. Doucet previously served as director and producer on Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, the 2018 PlayStation-exclusive virtual reality game which became a relative hit in the still-niche world of VR gaming.

Doucet's early credits include QA work on a number of Lego games published in the early aughts, and between then and now he's also worked at Sony London. He's since helped lead the way on one of PlayStation VR's most beloved titles, Astro Bot. The game earned very high praise, the likes of which any studio would be proud to earn, and most importantly it did it as a VR exclusive. It sits today with an 89 average on OpenCritic from 45 reviewers. An almost unanimous 95% of them recommended the game in their reviews.

With many calling for the slow death of VR, Sony Japan's potential for an Astro Bot sequel may be what the peripheral needs, especially if rumors regarding a new PSVR are to be believed. Whispers have suggested that an updated mode of the PlayStation VR headset is on the way, either launching directly alongside the PS5 this fall or sometime thereafter. Some have even alleged the device will be wireless -- at the very least it will hopefully have far fewer cords.

These rumors have not been confirmed, but many still expect to hear more from Sony in the months ahead. The PS5 reveal was originally expected to arrive early this month based on the timetable for 2013's PlayStation Meeting at which the company revealed the PS4. Recent rumors suggested a reveal event of February 5, but with that just being a day away, it's certainly looking a lot less likely.

Given Sony's unorthodox rollout of new information on the PS5 -- it mainly boils down to two lengthy features in Wired Magazine -- it may be the case that they've reconsidered the entire process when it comes to revealing your next console. With Sony also not attending E3 this year, fans grow more curious every day wondering when they'll finally get to peek behind the curtain.

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