Swords Are Getting Reworked in Destiny 2

Swords Are Getting Reworked in Destiny 2

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Swords are going to see some changes in how they function in Destiny 2, including how they consume ammo.

One of the main changes that will be made to swords in Destiny 2 is the fact that sword energy will replace the melee meter when the weapon is equipped. This energy will recharge over time. Although ammunition will still be used when attacking with the sword, this energy will be drained when using a heavy attack. The more energy that a player has, the more damage the weapon will do. Sword energy will also be drained when guarding. While at least one energy is needed to start guarding, each stance and resistance type will now only use energy in different ways without using ammunition. Light attacks will not consume energy, and will now loop indefinitely instead of doing a three hit combo. These changes will be implemented during Destiny 2's next season.

The announcement of the sword changes has released along with the announcement of when Crimson Days will start. The event will start on February 11th, and will last until February 18th. During the event, Crimson Doubles will return to the Crucible, bringing 2v2 battles into the mix. During these matches, partners will want to stay close to each other to retain their Crimson Bond. This will give them heightened ability regen. If they stray too far from each other, opponents will be able to see their every move. There will also be PvE activities to complete in two-player fireteams. As Crimson Doubles matches and bounties are completed. players will receive Confectionery Hearts, which can be exchanged for Crimson Days themed awards, which includes two new Exotic Sparrows. Daily and Weekly bounties will offer double XP, and Bright Dust will be rewarded when completing these bounties. You can read more about other rewards that can be earned during the event here.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. The game's next season, Season of the Worthy, will begin on March 10th.

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