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Two Masterminds Have Been Revealed For Resident Evil: Resistance

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Two new Masterminds have been revealed for Resident Evil: Resistance, along with the ways that they will be able to stop Survivors.

On the PlayStation Blog, two Masterminds were revealed for Resident Evil: Resistance: Alex Wesker and Ozwell Spencer. The first, Alex Wesker, will be all about manipulation. She will have a greater focus on traps than other Masterminds, and can influence the layout of a stage in order to catch Survivors off guard. She will have a particularly vicious bioweapon that she can unleash against Survivors: Yateveo. Yateveo stays in one fixed spot, and will require a bit of strategy when Masterminds decide where to plant the bioweapon. Despite this, it can be incredibly deadly, especially when it is blocking an important objective for Survivors. Producer Peter Fabiano had this to say about Yateveo:

"You've got a few plant-based enemies in the Resident Evil series. Plant 42, Ivy, and the Huge Plant from the Outbreak games, for example. Yateveo doesn't take direct influence from any of them - or maybe it indirectly does from all of them - but we thought it would be interesting to have a Mastermind use a creature that's fixed in one spot. This could add a layer of strategy to how Masterminds could play."

The second Mastermind that was revealed was Ozwell Spencer. Unlike other Masterminds, Ozwell does not have a bioweapon that he can summon to terrorize Survivors. Instead, he has a disintegration field that causes severe damage to Survivors, but not to any creatures that he summons.

"The cooldown is much shorter than other bioweapons, and only does damage to Survivors - the creatures he places are unaffected," Fabiano explained. "He's able to constantly redirect Survivor movement to his advantage by changing the stage's layout, and it also changes the pacing of gameplay with Spencer compared to other Masterminds. Instead of one big game changing moment, he slowly but steadily wears out the Survivors."

Resident Evil: Resistance will be packaged with Resident Evil 3 when it releases on April 3rd for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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