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Outriders Is Coming to Next-Gen Consoles, Here's Six Minutes of Gameplay

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Outriders has been called Gears meets Destiny and you can judge that comparison for yourself in this lengthy new gameplay trailer for the RPG-shooter. The class-based co-op shooter combines the varied play styles and loot-chasing of Bungie's Destiny with the gritty, cover-based shooting mechanics of Gears and, apparently, sets it all on a land of purple haze.

In this new gameplay presentation, developers from People Can Fly walk us through the three revealed classes of the game: Trickster, Pyromancer, and Devastator, revealing what they each do well so players can start to understand where they'll align themselves come this holiday season. There's a secret fourth class People Can Fly is not yet talking about, but for now this rundown gives us a solid 75% understanding of the character classes in Outriders.

The studio is hoping the game's blending of several styles - not just those mentioned already but also the biotics of Mass Effect and the flair of the studio's own Bulletstorm - can colectively concoct something special for early adopters of the next generation and current-gen players alike.

The Polish studio People Can Fly previously worked on Gears of War: Judgment and most famously Bulletstorm. The company has also been a support studio for Epic Games many times in its history, including mainline Gears sequels and even Fortnite's backburnered Save The World mode. Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, a remastering of the 360/PS3 original, is its most recent credit and fared well, with many critics pointing out the stylish action as a well-aged mechanic, even if the comedic writing didn't age so gracefully.

Outriders was recently pushed back from its summer 2020 release date to holiday 2020, likely because it wants to launch all at once on current generation consoles and the new generation. It's already been revealed as one of the few confirmed next generation games we know about.

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