The Full Opening Cinematic For Final Fantasy VII Remake Has Been Released

The Full Opening Cinematic For Final Fantasy VII Remake Has Been Released

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Players can now see how Final Fantasy VII Remake will open up.

Square Enix has released the full opening cinematic for Final Fantasy VII Remake. The opening is five minutes long, over twice as long as the opening from the original game. The new opening keeps the elements of the original, such as Aerith praying in the city and Avalanche arriving at one of Midgar's Mako reactors via train, all ending with Cloud jumping off of the train. Those who played the original version of Final Fantasy VII will instantly recognize these scenes, as they feel like they were ripped out of the original game.

New elements of the trailer include extended time with Aerith in the city, and a view of how Midgar looks. There is hardly any plant life, with much of what we see is either dying or dead. We see people going on with their lives, as the Mako reactors tower over them, sucking out the life of the planet for energy. A version of the iconic song, "One Winged Angel" plays in the background of the trailer, with the trailer ending with the easily recognizable opening theme that we hear in the original game. You can see the new trailer below, as well as the old one for comparison.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be an episodic adventure. The first episode, which releases in April, will cover the Midgar section of the game. As the episode will be the length of a full game, there will be plenty of added content for the upcoming remake. However, classic scenes from the original game will be featured, such as Cloud's cross-dressing moment. The second episode is already in development, though how much of the game that the episode will cover is unknown, as well as when it will release.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will release for the PlayStation 4 on April 10th. The game will then release for other platforms on April 10th, 2021.

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