Xbox Game Pass Leaving Soon: Batman, Just Cause 4, and More in February

Xbox Game Pass Leaving Soon: Batman, Just Cause 4, and More in February

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Though Microsoft adds new games to Xbox Game Pass often, so too does it remove games from time to time. Here's what is leaving in February. Be sure to prioritize these if you plan on playing them til their credits, as they'll each be removed from the Game Pass library before March.

Batman: Return to Arkham

The two-part Return to Arkham combines two of the greatest superhero games of all-time in Batman Arkham Asylum (2009) and Batman Arkham City (2012) into one 2016 remastered collection. It came at a time when many games from the previous generation were getting remastered and they weren't all created equal. Initial trailers for this double-header scared some people more than Jonathan Crane when the makeover efforts looked sub-par, but it ended up reviewing well. On OpenCritic, it scored a 76 from 31 critics, which is considerably less than the duo's original debuts, but such is the trend with remasters; people tend not to be as favorable the second time around.

Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 remains the latest in the series to date, and depending on who you ask it was either the first entry to show its age and start to grow stale or it was an entertaining physics playground that equipped anti-hero and liberation addict Rico Rodriguez with some wacky new toys, like balloons that could yank enemies out of the stratosphere. If you haven't yet tired of the open-world shenanigans this series provides, Just Cause 4 is still worth your time. It has an OpenCritic average of 68 from 128 reviewers.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Another 2018 sequel that remains its series' most recent, Shadow of the Tomb Raider apparently underperformed for Square Enix and, like Just Cause, maybe won't bee see for a while as a result. This final chapter in Lara Croft's three-part origin story reboot brought more of the daring jumps and would-be fatal encounters to dangerous new heights, with an added emphasis on stealth and survival. Its meant to depict Lara at her most adept, decisive, and surefooted, even if she still tends to find herself sprinting across crumbling terrain. Its OpenCritic score sits at a "Strong" 80 from 164 critics.

Snake Pass

The only indie game on this list of titles leaving Game Pass soon, Snake Pass finds itself evaluated in the same realm as the others. Its 74 average puts it above Just Cause and almost equal to the Batman remasters, but of course it's nothing like either of those. Snake Pass is an arcadey puzzler with elements of physics like carrying momentum across branches and even up poles toward the next coin or gem or all other manners of cabinet-ready catch-ems, teasingly twinkling and daring you to go for 100% on every level. If that's your type of thing, it's th shortest game of the bunch and is maybe the most doable in the short window you have til this foursome of games leaves Game Pass.

You have until the end of February to play any of these games. If you want to buy them before they depart the library, they come marked down by 20% with your Game Pass subscription.

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