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Grand Theft Auto 4 is Returning to Steam

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Gamers will soon be able to purchase Grand Theft Auto 4 on Steam again.

Grand Theft Auto 4 will return to Steam on March 19th. The game was pulled from the platform in January due to complications with the use of Microsoft's Games for Windows Live platform. The platform is no longer supported, making it impossible for Rockstar to create PC keys for Grand Theft Auto 4. Now Rockstar has found a solution. Grand Theft Auto 4 and Grand theft Auto 4: Episodes From Liberty City will be replaced with Grand Theft Auto 4: Complete Edition.

Those who already own the game on Steam will have it upgraded to the Complete Edition automatically. Those who own the game physically or through Windows Live will have to go through a few extra steps. The keys that come with the physical version of the game can be used to obtain the game digitally. Those who own Grand Theft Auto 4 through Games for Windows Live will have to link their Microsoft account with Rockstar's Social Club, which will then upgrade them to the Complete Edition. Full instructions can be seen here.

Save files of the older versions of the game will be compatible with the Complete Edition. However, some features will be removed from the game. The most notable of those features is the multiplayer mode. The Grand Theft Auto 4 leaderboards will also be removed. Some of the in-game radio stations will be temporarily unavailable, including RamJam FM and Vice City FM.

Grand Theft Auto 4 originally released in 2008 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. It was not the only title affected by the discontinuation of Games for Windows Live. Age of Empires Online had to end its services when the platform shut down. Developers such as Capcom had to move their games away from Games for Windows Live in order to prevent any issues.

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