The Logo for WB Montreal's Batman Game May Have Leaked Due to a Selfie

The Logo for WB Montreal's Batman Game May Have Leaked Due to a Selfie

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WB Montreal is still teasing its next project, which many reasonably suspect is a new Batman game, and a pair of photos recently found online may have revealed the game's bat symbol ahead of schedule. What's more interesting: the logo is a serious departure from the recent Batman Arkham games, bringing up questions about the game's chronology and how it ties into Rocksteady's original series. WB Montreal previously worked on one game in that series, the prequel Batman: Arkham Origins.

The photos below allegedly depict an elevator inside WB Montreal, with one photo also featuring the studio's director Geoff Ellenor. Notice the never before seen Batman logo. It looks almost identical to the classic Batman Beyond logo, but it does have a slightly different shape. That can mean a number of things.

First, we have to assume the logo is even related to the game. It was previously reported that WB Montreal had scrapped a Batman project that focused on Damien Wayne, Bruce Wayne's son, current Robin, and heir-apparent to the Batman cape and cowl. Given that we don't know when the photos were taken, they could reveal an outdated and frankly irrelevant bat symbol no longer associated with the project. More recently, it's been reported that this next Batman game is a "soft reboot" and does do away with much if not all of the Arkham chronology, which would likely require a new logo on the caped crusader's chest just like the many different movie versions have always remade the same image.

Assuming all assumptions are on target, it still leaves questions. Why did WB Montreal start teasing the game months ago then abruptly stop sharing any sort of teases at all? It looked as though the game might get a reveal at one of the end-of-year shows like X019, State of Play, or The Game Awards, but they each came and went without a hint of masked vengeance.

Either the studio's marketing plans budgeted for this strange, off-and-on pace of slowly dripped teases or - and let us get crazy for a minute - Sony or Microsoft has acquired the rights to reveal the game alongside its new console show, whenever that may be. There's still a lot to learn, but the teases thus far all but confirm there's something Batman-like brewing in Montreal, and it's only a matter of time until it's all finally unmasked.

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