Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Removes Gear Levels with Immersive Mode Update

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Removes Gear Levels with Immersive Mode Update

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Ubisoft remains committed to improving Ghost Recon: Breakpoint despite its rough start both critically and commercially. On March 24, the game will receive a free update which will allow players to enable Immersive Mode should they want to.

In Immersive Mode, gear levels are removed so players don't have to worry about chasing the next piece of loot like it's The Division. Gear levels were one of the marquee changes to the game leading up to launch, but it was also one of the most maligned in reviews, cited as unnecessary.

Immersive Mode won't just cure that perceived flaw, though, it will also bring other new experiences to the game. It's meant to be a realism mode, so reloading with ammo in your clip will see you lose the leftover bullets, and stamina health regeneration will be altered too. Immersive also allows players to remove the HUD, and it will put you in a world all of your own - no online players will be available. Essentially, it will turn the game into what we saw in the reveal trailer, where one Ghost survives through mud and muck as he's hunted by the game's villainous faction of rogue soldiers.

There is a lot of customization available to players and you'll be able to toy with the game;s difficulty and presentation how you see fit in Immersive Mode using three basic options: Regular, Immersive, and Custom. Regular will keep the game as it's been if you happen to enjoy gear levels and those other features. Immersive will enable these tougher challenges. Custom will let players pick and choose what they like from each style. Players will be able to switch among the different modes at will too, so you won't be bound to one style for the lengthy game.

The "Ghost Experience" update adds Immersive Mode and more on March 24 across all platforms.

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