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Another Call of Duty Warzone Leak Confirms Many Details

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is getting battle royale. That's all but been confirmed for weeks now, after months of rumors. This latest leak of Warzone mode is the most concrete of all, though, because it offers nearly 12 minutes of gameplay from a recent streamer event held by Activision.

The original poster, Chaos on YouTube, seems to have broken embargo, perhaps inadvertently, and his video reveals our first substantial look at a live round of Warzone. The video directly from Chaos has since been taken offline, but not before countless others reuploaded it.

Chaos says the mode will be free-to-play, as has been rumored for some time now, so whether you have Modern Warfare or not, you'll be able to play. It will still be included as a mode within the latest game's menus too. Warzone will also be cross-play at launch, enabling players across platforms to play together - it's just the latest in a long line of games to enable cross-play, which looks to be one of the big trends of the upcoming years in gaming.

Contrary to what we heard before, the mode will not be fit for 200 players at launch, rather 150, but Infinity Ward hopes to push it to 200 over time. Two separate game modes, one of them being the rumored "Plunder" mode which offers respawns, will be available at launch too. Games can be played solo or with teams of two or three players. There's no word yet on a four-player squads mode, but such a thing has become almost standard in the genre, so it may be safe to assume it'll be there eventually.

Other new elements are on display too, like the Gulag system which allows players to earn re-entry if they win a 1v1 round upon elimination, and we now know players start the game with a pistol, so even a bad drop won't leave you running for your life right away.

There's only one important thing we don't know at this point: the release date. But considering the mode was once rumored for March 10, which is tomorrow, and Tuesdays happen to be update days, we'd expect an official reveal within the next 24 hours to coincide with the launch of Call of Duty Warzone.

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