Tales from the Borderlands Sequel Teased in Leaked Trailer

Tales from the Borderlands Sequel Teased in Leaked Trailer

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Tales from the Borderlands looks to be getting a re-release with bonus content if a new leak is to be considered legitimate. Recently a trailer appeared on the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit, a message board which is often filled with some outlandish theories, but it's known to get some right too. 

The reason we're even reporting on this one is because of the trailer accompanying the news, which seems like the real deal and different from the usual fare on such forums. The poster explained that they had to post two separate links to the same broken up trailer because the forum doesn't allow video sharing and Imgur, where they hosted the trailer, only allows clips of up to 60 seconds. 

You can find the first part of the trailer here and the second part here. See for yourself if you think it's real. For our money, it would seem so. This is partly because the video includes all the hallmarks of the real thing, including the right collection of collaborators - even AdHoc Studios, a new studio comprised of former Telltale developers now working on The Wolf Among Us 2.

The company formerly known as Telltale has been resurrected in name with some new faces attached, and while not everyone is happy about that given how the company was folded two years ago, the new Telltale has said it intends to continue working on past and future IP in a similar vein. That could likely include Tales from the Borderlands, which earned high praise at the time of its original episodic run. Its full first season has a pristine 89 average on OpenCritic.

With Borderlands continuing in its usual fashion, it may make sense that all involved parties want to extend its spin-off potential too, which is why the trailer's mention of release date "2020" dissolving into a singular "2" is so teasing. It certainly seems like a remastered edition and a sequel are in production, and with a 2020 launch planned, we'd expect to find out for sure pretty soon.

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