World War Z Gets Cross-Play Next Week

World War Z Gets Cross-Play Next Week

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Beginning on Monday, World War Z will allow for cross-play, making the Left 4 Dead-like able to be played with others regardless of platform. 

The final update of the season 2 roadmap arrives on Monday, March 23 and introduces the feature to Xbox One and PC at launch, with PS4 support being enabled some time later. There won't be a way to party up with players from other platforms at launch, but if you jump into matchmaking you may be teamed up with players on other platforms.

When the game originally launched, there was a lack of any party lobbies at all, and the game has since received an update to allow for them, so hopefully that means cross-play parties are planned as well. It's only the PvE modes that will allow for cross-play too. If you're playing the competitive multiplayer, you'll still be pooled with only those on your platform so as to avoid the perceived advantages of playing on PC versus with a controller.

The update will also add new missions, character skins, and weapons, with all but the skins being free content. 

Saber Interactive also revealed a new three-act story campaign is in the works too, though the studio has not yet revealed the setting. Like the book upon which its based, World War Z takes place in cities all over the world, so the latest campaign could truly be anywhere on the planet. More information is expected when season 3 announcements are made later this year.

World War Z earned a "Fair" 70 from 92 critics at launch, but has added consistent content and made quality of life changes that would today likely give the game a higher score. 

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