Bethesda Will Not Hold an Online Press Conference in June

Bethesda Will Not Hold an Online Press Conference in June

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Bethesda will not hold a digital E3 replacement show in June, announced senior vice president and communication director at Bethesda, Pete Hines. Unlike other companies, such as Microsoft and Ubisoft, which have announced their intentions to put on some sort of show following the cancellation of E3, Bethesda will take the month off from such presentations, though Hines promises the publisher has many "exciting things to share[...]in the coming months." His brief statement from Twitter can read read below.  

Given the many challenges we're facing due to the pandemic, we will not host a digital Showcase in June. We have lots of exciting things to share about our games and look forward to telling you more in the coming months.

As Hines cites the ongoing pandemic as cause for the company to skip producing a show, it remains to be seen how anyone else can or will prepare such a show. 

Among Bethesda's projects, we know a few for sure and can assume a few more. Fallout 76 will likely continue to receive support, even if by June the Wastelanders update, which adds the much-wanted human NPCs, will finally be released. We also know the company continues to work on Ghostwire Tokyo, a new IP from the studio behind The Evil Within. Last year, Bethesda also remarkably teased both The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield, its long-rumored space RPG. 

It's also about time we see the finale to BJ Blazkowicz in Wolfenstein 3, which has yet to be officially revealed but Bethesda has always promised a trilogy. It sounds like even without an E3 type of show for Bethesda this summer, we have many more details to look forward to, especially as the new consoles loom for this fall.


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