Microsoft Announces ID@Xbox Spotlight Video Series

Microsoft Announces ID@Xbox Spotlight Video Series

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The Xbox team has revealed a new video series called ID@Xbox Spotlight, in which upcoming indies will be given their chance to shine. Historically, Xbox has done well to give stage time to its ID@Xbox program, always saving time for a sizzle reel at E3 and Gamescom. 

GDC was also scheduled to bring new indie game reveals, but with its cancellation (as well as E3's and possibly Gamescom's), Microsoft is hoping to get the word out about some of its indie games with the ID@Xbox Spotlight.

With that, the brand has released a series of six videos highlighting dozens of games. The first of the bunch can be seen below and you can find the full series on ID@Xbox's YouTube channel

In the debut video, games that received the spotlight include Adios, An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs, Bonkies, Spiritfarer, Haven and West of Dead. The latter-most two are also due to hit Xbox Game Pass at their respective launches.

 Other games featured in subsequent episodes of ID@Xbox Spotlight include Drake Hollow, which is the next game from The Molasses Flood, Skater XL, and Moving Out, an Overcooked-like about moving furniture.

As for Microsoft's E3 replacement plans, the company hasn't yet revealed anything beyond its intentions to put on some sort of presentation. Recently speaking to IGN's Podcast Unlocked, Phil Spencer said from now until the launch of Xbox Series X, fans should expect a lot of news about new and upcoming video games specifically, now that the Xbox Series X specs have been revealed.

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