Inside Xbox Returns Tomorrow with News on Grounded, Sea of Thieves, and More

Inside Xbox Returns Tomorrow with News on Grounded, Sea of Thieves, and More

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While Nintendo has Nintendo Direct and PlayStation has State of Play, Xbox has Inside Xbox, and the latest episode premieres tomorrow with several announcements scheduled. Among the revealed topics for the show are Sea of Thieves, Gears Tactics, and Grounded, as well as new Xbox Game Pass news. The show kicks off on April 7 at 2 pm PT / 5 pm ET.

For Sea of Thieves, it's likely we'll get our first glimpse of the second anniversary update. Testers have been playing it in the Sea of Thieves Insider launcher and it's said to be another massive update much like last year's which added fishing, a story mode, and much more. 

Gears Tactics, meanwhile, still appears to be on track to release later this month after it was spared from a day of Xbox Game Studios delays that saw Minecraft Dungeons pushed to May and Wasteland 3 pushed to August. Last we heard, Gears Tactics was set to hit PC on April 28 with a console launch to follow later in the year. Hopefully tomorrow is only good news for the tactical spinoff of the Gears series. 

Obsidian's Xbox-exclusive survival game, Grounded, is also meant to receive a big portion of the spotlight, particularly on its single-player mode. If you missed it before, Grounded is a survival game that shrinks players down to the size of insects and has them battling the elements one would face in such a pint-sized world. It's being built by a team of only about a dozen people at Obsidian and will, like all Xbox Game Studios titles, release directly into Game Pass. 

Earlier this year it was hinted that those in the Xbox Insider Program may get a chance to play a pre-release version of the game, so tomorrow seems as good a time as any to announce that in earnest. There will also be new Game Pass news to share as well as a sitdown chat with Director of Program Management for Xbox Series X, Jason Ronald, to discuss what all those Xbox Series X specs may mean for upcoming games. 

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