Latest Temtem Update Adds Ranked Matchmaking

Latest Temtem Update Adds Ranked Matchmaking

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New features have arrived for Temtem

A new update has arrived for Temtem, adding a number of new features. The highlight of the update is Ranked Matchmaking. For Ranked Matchmaking, developer Crema designed a rating system called TMR (Tamer Matchmaking Rating). This system will rate a player's performance and rewards them points for winning matches. Players will be matched against each other based on their TMR. In order to help new users join the Ranked Matchmaking ladder, Temtems will be auto-scaled, which means that their level will be upped to the current level cap and all their SVs will be maxed out. TVs will remain intact. 

Another feature coming to Temtem is Spectator mode. This mode will allow gamers to spectate others as long as they are in a competitive battle. Player intros and outros are also being added to matches, helping them be more epic and visually attractive. 

Temtem's latest patch will also include the Battle Log, which can be seen at any point during a match. The Battle Log will display relevant info on both teams, including health and stamina points, status, and stat stage changes.

Other additions include a new Status condition called Alerted, which is applied when a Temtem wakes up from being asleep, and prevents them from falling asleep again. There are also new area names on the Map, several balance changes and bug fixing. There are also a lot of new technique animations. The new update's patch notes can be read here

This update is just a part of upcoming content for Temtem. Crema released a roadmap in February, letting players know what is coming to the game. Upcoming content includes new islands, new Temtem, Player Housing, and the 1st Mythical Temtem. The roadmap can be seen here

Temtem is available now on PC through Early Access. 

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