Breaking Bad-Inspired Family Man Hits Steam This Month

Breaking Bad-Inspired Family Man Hits Steam This Month

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Family Man, the Breaking Bad-inspired simulation game from Broken Bear Studios, is heading to Steam in a few weeks, but you can start playing it today. 

Family Man will arrive in full on PC on May 22, but today the studio has released a free chapter, Family Man: Prologue, available for download. With it, players can access the opening 30 minutes of the game. The full game will launch at $19.99.

Family Man's Breaking Bad inspirations are apparent in its premise. You play a suburban dad who finds himself indebted to the mob. With three weeks to pay it back, the game offers a wide range of money-earning opportunities. Perform small jobs for the neighborhood, find real employment, or just start robbing people, falling further into a hole of violence as you try to climb out of your own financial hole. All the while, your family at home reacts to your changing lifestyle. 

The game is promised to consider all of your decisions while your neighborhood will "blossom or perish under the weight of your decisions. It may be unexpected to see that this dark RPG comes with an almost Minecraftian visual style, but it should help the indie stand out in the always competitive Steam store. 

Family Man will allow for multiple endings depending on how you live your life of crime (or lack therof if you want to remain squeaky clean), and however you choose to play, perks can be unlocked to aid you in your efforts. You can check out the teaser below and find Family Man on Steam beginning May 22.


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