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Call of Duty Warzone Will Be on PS5 and Xbox Series X "As Soon As Those New Systems Are Out"

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Call of Duty Warzone has plans to disrupt the traditional release schedule of Call of Duty by being supported for years ahead alongside annual releases. That news, albeit not surprising, comes from a recent interview between the Warzone team and Gamergen, a French gaming outlet. 

"I know that our plan is Warzone is going to be around for quite some time, so as soon as those new systems are out and available I’m sure we’ll support them," said Infinity Ward narrative director Taylor Kurosaki. "Call of Duty has been on a very regular cadence for many many years, and Warzone has made us rethink exactly how best to release new content and how to integrate it."

His words echo the pre-release reports of Warzone that said it will be free to play and live on as one of three central pillars to the future Call of Duty experience alongside Call of Duty Mobile and annual Call of Duty releases. 

"Warzone will be the through line that connects all of the different various sub-franchises of Call of Duty. It’s going to be really cool to see how the different sub-franchises sort of come in and out of focus, but Warzone will be the one constant," added Kurosaki. 

As for the more immediate future, the studio wasn't shy about season 4 teases. "Players have already discovered that there is a whole other part of Verdansk they haven’t seen yet. They have found clues, and that there is more than meets the eye in this city. Season 4 will unravel some of those mysteries and unlock some of them for our players" Kurosaki said, before teasing the increase to 200-player rounds, up from 150. "As the battle in Verdansk wages on, things will grow more desperate. There are going to be more and more fighters sent in to turn the tide and we’re very excited to get our players to see and join alongside these new great warriors as they continue to fight."

The team also promises new modes are on the way to Warzone as well as new changes and additions to player loadouts. As one of the most popular games in the world backed by one of the deepest pocketed publishers, the future looks busy for Call of Duty Warzone

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