World War Z Adds New DLC Campaign in France

World War Z Adds New DLC Campaign in France

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World War Z was a surprise hit last year as a Left 4 Dead torch carrier, and now it grows larger with a new Marseilles DLC campaign. 

The three-chapter campaign will sit alongside the others in the travel-heavy story that also takes players to New York, Tokyo, Moscow, and more. Though the Marseilles campaign is paid DLC, players who buy it can bring their co-op partners along through a private game with only the host having bought the content. The DLC comes today as part of the game's new Game of the Year Edition.

Marseilles is described as the most diverse campaign Saber Interactive has created so far, as it takes players through dark catacombs and large rural areas on its journey. Each level, Saber says, has a different theme. "For instance, one level is entirely dedicated to the defense of Fort Saint-Nicolas," which gives the story a different cadence as it's more about defense than pushing through the hordes ahead. Four new characters will come with the DLC campaign, bringing its total to 20 playable heroes, who can be further customized through cosmetics and unique skill trees for the many playable classes.

Saber also hoped to push co-op even further with this campaign, evidenced by one section which will require teamwork from multiple players to operate a missile launcher successfully and eliminate the game's signature massive hordes. 

The Marseilles DLC can be bought individually (base game support is needed), as part of the season pass, or as part of today's new Game of the Year Edition, which for owners of the main game acts as an upgrade and a swift unlock of the last year of content, including more modes, weapon skins, and character skins.

World War Z earned fair praise at launch, with 93 critics on openCritic giving it a 70 average and 50% of them recommending the game for play. Those that enjoyed it felt it properly carries the torch left behind by Valve's Left 4 Dead in a genre that is quickly filling up with more games, such as Zombie Army 4, Warhammer Vermintide, and the upcoming Back 4 Blood, a more direct successor to Valve's classic made by the original studio at Turtle Rock.



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