The Games Coming to PlayStation Now in May Have Been Announced

The Games Coming to PlayStation Now in May Have Been Announced

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We now know what games will make their way to PlayStation Now in the month of May. 

The three games coming to PS Now this month are Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, The Evil Within 2, and Get Even. It is stated on the PlayStation Blog that Rainbow Six Siege will be the base edition of the game, and that it will be leaving the service on November 2nd, 2020. 

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical, multiplayer shooter that first released back in 2015. The game sees two teams go head to head while using a number of gadgets, weapons, and strategies in order to triumph over the opposing players. Each player chooses an Operator, all of whom have their own gadgets and weapons. The game has evolved quite a bit since its debut, with a large amount of DLC having been released since the title released. 

The Evil Within 2 has players go into the alternate reality town of Union in search of their long thought dead daughter. Gamers will have to face terrifying creatures and jump scares as the explore a town filled with dangers and secrets. In order to take on these living nightmares, players are given an arsenal of dangerous weaponry, as well as the stealth option, in order to do what it takes to find their daughter. 

The Farm 51's title Get Even is a first-person mashup of genres, including puzzler, shooter, and psychological thriller. Players will find themselves trapped inside of an insane asylum with a virtual reality device attached to their heads. They are tasked with tracking down and "entering" memories as they try to find out why they have been incarcerated. Get Even will be the title for anyone who is looking for a story that will offer plenty of twists. 

PlayStation Now features more than 300 PS4 and PS2 games for subscribers to download to their PS4 systems. The service features over 800 PS2, PS3, and PS4 titles that can be streamed on a PS4 or PC. 

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