Noted Oscar Dismisser Josef Fares Says His Next Game Will Debut at EA Play

Noted Oscar Dismisser Josef Fares Says His Next Game Will Debut at EA Play

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Josef Fares, made famous for his middle finger and two great games, has teased that EA Play Live will host the reveal of his studio's next game. 

On Twitter, he told fans to watch out for a "short tease" at the digital showcase on June 18. "Don't miss it!"added the typically exclamatory director.

Fares' studio, Hazelight, previously launched A Way Out, the 2018 forced-co-op prison break drama with some unconventional game mechanics, like split-screen presentation for players even if they're playing online. The game was built this way as the team stressed the importance of knowing where your partner is and what they're doing at all times. 

It's a concept that helped A Way Out earn "Strong" accolades on OpenCritic, giving it a 79 average from 107 critics. It was one of the earliest EA Originals, a publishing label under EA which helps indies see launch. Other titles in the brand include Unravel and its sequel, Fe, and Sea of Solitude. It's expected that EA Play Live will feature more than one EA Original title on its digital "stage."

Previous to A Way Out, Fares directed Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, which also played with unconventional mechanics. In it, each control stick controlled one of two playable characters, so while it looked like a co-op game, it never actually was. It too earned "Strong" marks, with a 76 average on OpenCritic. 

If these previous projects are any indication, we can expect to find another twist on co-op gaming when Hazelight's game is revealed later this week. 

EA Play Live begins on Thursday, June 18 at 4 pm Pacific. 


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