Fortnite Season 3 Splash Down Adds Aquaman, Sharks, and More

Fortnite Season 3 Splash Down Adds Aquaman, Sharks, and More

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Fortnite Season 3 is here after several delays, and it's brought floodwaters to the popular game. 

After several teases and a few leaks, the new waterworldly map has been revealed. Alongside it comes several new changes and a Battle Pass for Season 3 which brings Aquaman in all his Jason Mamoa-likeness glory to the game.

One of this season's features is how the floodwaters will slowly recede throughout the season, revealing new locations over the next few months. In the waters, players can attach themselves to hungry sharks by using a fishing rod and get pulled along the waters like they're water skiing. But as the waters dry up this season, eventually cars will be added to the game, among a host of other surprises Epic expectedly isn't revealing today.

Rather than a customizable character in this season's Battle Pass, Season 3 gets a customizable umbrella to be used on players' descents into the map each round. With ten elements of the item to be customized, you'll virtually never see the same umbrella twice.

Epic has also teased new Marauder bosses who await players in certain locations, much like The Agency bosses in the last season. It's only a matter of time until players figure out all of their locations. 

You can watch the trailer for the newest Battle Pass below.

Even if we don't account for the secrets not yet discoverable on the map until later in the season, Epic is likely hiding a few surprises not mentioned anywhere just yet. Players can dive in, quite literally, with Fortnite Season 3 today.


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