New Pokemon Snap and More Revealed

New Pokemon Snap and More Revealed

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The Pokemon Company brought several fun reveals to today's Pokemon Presents showcase, but none took the spotlight quite like New Pokemon Snap.

New Pokemon Snap is a sequel to 1999's beloved photography game which has players trying to nab the perfect pictures of Pokemon across several different on-rails locations. The sequel, according to the new trailer below, looks like a faithful modernization of that idea. 

New Pokemon Snap will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch, though no release date has yet been announced. The objective is to fill out your Pokedex with the full range of Pokemon in the game. There's no word yet on how many creatures that number includes.

As much as a Pokemon game can be considered a "cult classic," Pokemon Snap is that. It's always been a somewhat polarizing entry in the series, but among fans, few sequels could ever elicit as much excitement.

Joining New Pokemon Snap in today's Pokemon Presents reveal event is also the free to start Pokemon CafeMix, which blends the setting of the real-life Pokemon Cafe with free puzzle gameplay. It too will be only on Switch.

Also revealed was the addition of Mega Evolutions coming to Pokemon Go alongside a Galarian Farfetch'd for the first time. In Sword and Shield, players can dive into the first expansion, Isle of Armor, starting today. With that also comes a new raid featuring a shiny Zeraora up for grabs should enough players complete the raid.

Lastly, in a totally different kind of announcement, Pokemon Smile, an AR teeth-brushing encouragement app, was revealed for mobile devices. It's already out ad features a timer with audio and visual cues for players to brush their teeth for a customizable amount of time. It also takes pictures of the player while they brush their teeth and lets them customize the photo with stickers and other effects.

It's been a busy day for Pokemon fans, and The Pokemon Company is already teasing more news for a week from now on June 24.


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