Report: Rocksteady's Next Game Is Suicide Squad and Will Be Revealed In August

Report: Rocksteady's Next Game Is Suicide Squad and Will Be Revealed In August

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If reports are true, August is going to be a hell of a month for DC Comics fans with two new games getting announced for next-gen consoles. The news comes via a Eurogamer report which sought to confirm some recent URL registrations that cropped up over the weekend.

The first, and more expected of them, is allegedly titled Batman Gotham Knights and is the long-teased game from Batman Arkham Origins creators, WB Montreal. From prior teases and leaks, it's said that the entire Bat-family, including the likes of Robin, Batgirl, and more, will be playable. 

The game once seemed locked for an impending reveal when the studio's Twitter was full of teases, but it seems since then the marketing plans have shifted. Over half a year later, we still haven't heard more about the game, including not even its official name.

The second, and depending on who you ask, more exciting game, is a Suicide Squad title from Rocksteady. The long in-development game has been shrouded in mystery, though industry insiders like Bloomberg's Jason Schreier and Kinda Funny's Imran Khan have both hinted that the next game from the fabled studio is Suicide Squad.

Eurogamer reports that the recent domain registration for is a working title and may become the final launch title for the game.

According to Eurogamer, both of these games will be revealed at DC's upcoming digital event, Fandome, which will take place in August. It's said that both titles are in development for next gen consoles. While it seems more likely Suicide Squad is intent to launch as a next gen exclusive, it's possible Gotham Knights is on track to be cross-generational, as it once seemed so certain for Xbox One and PS4. Perhaps plans have changed, but we should know this August, or perhaps sooner if any leaks pop up again.


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