Project Cars 3 Hits Current Gen in August

Project Cars 3 Hits Current Gen in August

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Project Cars 3 will debut on current gen consoles before the fall has arrived, and it's bringing several changes to the series.

Revealed earlier this month, Slightly Mad Studios' obsessive racing sim is returning on August 25 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC via Steam. The team revealed the game will contain its biggest list of driveable cars ever seen in the series. New locations are on the way too, including a few which the team has teased for now, like Brazilian Grand Prix, Interlagos, and the roads of Tuscany.

Project Cars 3 is focused largely on player customization. Both the how and when you race, as well as what you drive, are all fully customizable. For cars, that means, according to a tweet from the team,  customizable "paint materials, paint colors, community- and motorsport-inspired livery patterns, sponsor decals, wheel rims, [and] tire brands."

For the races themselves, that means choosing the time of day and weather patterns for every track you're on. Customizable tuning options for every vehicle are, of course, on offer as well. Collectively, it seems like the car-obsessed Slighty Mad team is hoping its players are just as obsessive.

Project Cars 3 also boasts no microtransactions. "only your skill in-game and on- track will determine how much credit you have to spend, so race and spend wisely! No microtransactions," said the team on Twitter recently. 

There's no word yet on whether the game will migrate to the next generation of consoles, but it would make sense given its late arrival to current gen platforms this August. Just a few months after, Xbox One and PS5 will launch barring any setbacks, so it may be that Project Cars 3 will race onto those platforms as well.

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