Sea of Thieves Will Soon Start Testing Private Servers

Sea of Thieves Will Soon Start Testing Private Servers

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Sea of Thieves will soon get the option to play in custom, private servers, announced Rare after months of chatter on the subject.

Coming first in an alpha state to the Sea of Thieves Insider build, an opt-in version of the game that lets you playtest future content under strict embargo, custom servers will allow players to host their own games inside Sea of Thieves, though no gold or reputation can be won in this state.

The point of the custom servers is to allow a space for players to more easily host events. The Sea of Thieves community famously loves creating games within the game, like the ongoing Race of Legends, a ship-racing competition that has been going on for over a year now.

It can be difficult to host these events in a public server environment where uninvolved third-party players can arrive and sabotage an event you have planned. In custom servers, only those invited and playing along will be along for the ride, making the many event organizers not have to worry about their games going south.

Players hosting a custom server will be able to choose the number of type of ships allowed in the server and are given a code to send to invited players. Rare said they expect the feature to grow over time after starting with a very small number of players in testing. 

Eventually, Rare says they will probably come to the Pirate Emporium as a paid feature for those opting into it, much like other games such as Battlefield which offer paid, private servers.

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