WWE 2K Battlegrounds Lays the Smack Down in September

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Lays the Smack Down in September

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The mainline WWE 2K series is taking a year off, but wrestling fans still have the arcade-like Battlegrounds to look forward to. WWE 2K Battlegrounds will launch on September 18 for Xbox One, PS4, Stadia, Switch, and Steam.

New information today showcases some of the unorthodox wrestling gameplay players can expect. It may not seem so strange to fans of 2K's other arcade sports series, NBA 2K Playgrounds, which put a very NBA Jam-like spin on the basketball genre.

With WWE 2K Battlegrounds, the world's most popular wrestling brand gets shrunken down into oddly shaped superstars across a variety of modes. Included in the offering are exhibition modes, both offline and online, as well as a campaign and online King of the Battleground mode. 

In the campaign, players will compete for a WWE contract among seven other superstar hopefuls, each of them created specifically for the game, while fighting off a roster of 70  wrestlers at launch. More will follow post-launch. In King of the Battleground, four players start in the ring and fight to be the last superstar standing. Four more await their turn as eliminations occur, giving players a unique eight-player online mode.

The game will feature seven arenas like the Everglades, a boot camp, and Scotland. The roster, meanwhile, will include superstars past and present, like Kofi Kingston, Roman Reigns, Sgt. Slaughter, and Shawn Michaels. Future superstars will be revealed at a later date. You can check out the new trailer featuring gameplay below.

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