Newzoo Teams Up With OpenCritic

Newzoo Teams Up With OpenCritic

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Since OpenCritic's launch, we've collaborated with various groups across the gaming industry. We've supported retailers - such as Epic Games, Humble Bundle, and Fanatical - PR firms, and game publishers, such as fortyseven communications, Remedy Entertainment, and Bethesda. Next to that we've also worked with video game communities, providing them with tools such as our public API, review exporter, and embeddable iFrames.

Today, we're excited to announce our partnership with Newzoo, the leading firm of games and esports analytics. Newzoo approached us earlier this year with an opportunity to integrate the OpenCritic API into their Platform, enabling us to reach another important group in the gaming industry: professionals with an interest in analyzing the gaming space. Read more in the announcement below.

We’re thrilled to call OpenCritic, a games-focused review aggregator, our brand-new partner! We have added OpenCritic’s aggregated review scores to the game overview pages in the Newzoo Platform, offering a new layer of game-level insights for our users.

OpenCritic’s mission is to improve the games market for everyone: gamers, critics, analysts, publishers, and developers alike. It gathers review scores and quotes for each video game, looking across hundreds of publications and thousands of critics around the world to help consumers make better purchase decisions.

Boasting one of the largest databases of game reviews, OpenCritic offers unique insights that we’re excited to bring to our Platform. The new layer of data is also available in our free Platform accounts. Combining OpenCritic’s review score data with our existing metrics provides us with an improved view on consumer behavior in games and empowers our Platform users with further valuable insights to support their strategic decisions.

"Professional reviews play a significant role in many consumers’ decisions to spend their time and budget on a certain game.”, said Walter Hoekstra, Newzoo’s Data Scientist. “As a result, a positive reception is vital for the commercial success of many games, especially on PC and console. By adding OpenCritic's aggregated review scores to the Newzoo Platform, we unlock an additional layer of insights that is crucial to understanding consumer behavior in games."

"OpenCritic has been leveraging review and game data to improve the industry for critics, developers, publishers, and gamers for over five years and we’re thrilled for our new partnership with Newzoo", said Matthew Enthoven, OpenCritic's Co-Founder. "By teaming up, we’ll have the opportunity to expand our reach to professionals with an interest in analyzing the gaming space."

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