Temtem's Next Big Update Releases This Week

Temtem's Next Big Update Releases This Week

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We now know when the next big update for Temtem will release. 

On the official Temtem website, it was revealed that the game's next big update will release on July 21st. The biggest addition being made to Temtem is a new island. The new island,  Kisiwa, will come with new Tems for players to add to their parties, new techniques, and more. The island will also come with its own story line. Players will have to defend the island from the evil organization Belsoto, who are led by General X. 

A number of other additions and adjustments are coming to Temtem. Chat is getting an overhaul. The chat will have different tabs, the ability to whisper to any user, and let players talk to their club mates. There will also be safety functionalities such as blocking unknown whispers, blocking other users, reporting messages, and more. There will also be chat bubbles for the local, club, and whisper chats, which are meant to help the game feel more alive and let players communicate faster. Chat bubbles can be turned off in the System menu. 

Another big feature releasing for Temtem is clubs. Players will be able to create and manage clubs, which are the game's form of clans. Clubs can have up to 50 members, and anyone can build one, as long as they have enough pansuns to pay the initial fee. Clubs will have the ability to create their own banner, which will be displayed in every player's profile as well as in competitive battles. 

Players can also look forward to a level increase for Tems. The new level cap is 58, up ten from before the update. 

Temtem is currently available for PC through early access. The game's price is rising from $35 to $37.50 when the new update releases. The game will make its way to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch sometime in the future. 

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