Fortnite Dataminers Find New Alien Crash Site Location

Fortnite Dataminers Find New Alien Crash Site Location

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Fortnite's overarching story is never really front and center, but it's there for those who want it. The latest plot point may have been discovered recently by Fortnite dataminers.

First shared by FortTory on Twitter, the image suggests the flooded map's further water recession will soon reveal a crash-landed alien spacecraft, and it even includes the pilot inside. Notably, the style and colors of the ship match current Battle Pass hero Siona, who seems to be some sort of interplanetary soccer star.

What does this mean for the story? Few could accurately predict that right now, if anyone, but it does indicate there are perhaps more dry areas to discover than just what was there before Season 3 once the water recedes further. 

The flooded map has been slowly losing its floodwaters week by week since the season kicked off last month. According to FortTory, there will be challenges associated with these new alien invaders, even implying there will be new PvE elements to grapple with in addition to this season's Marauder gangs that arrive via comet in every round of battle royale.

The determine suggests the following challenges:

  • "Found Ancient Ship"
  • "Collect Missing Part"
  • "Install Missing Part"
  • "Begin Launch Sequence"
  • "Stop Ship Launch"

That last one seems to imply you'll also get XP for preventing an opponent from launching properly. Fortnite's ever-shifting world makes it a lot of fun to speculate about. While we're confident these leaks are real, there's always a chance this delayed, shelved, or just isn't due so soon. 

The new week of challenges begins today, so once the game updates we'll know whether this is something to look for soon or if we'll need to keep waiting for our alien overloads to arrive on Earth - or wherever Fortnite takes place.




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