Peggle-like Roundguard Gets a Major Free Update Today

Peggle-like Roundguard Gets a Major Free Update Today

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Two new game modes arrive to Roundguard today, the arcade game that takes the Plinko-style gameplay of Peggle and puts a dungeon crawler spin on it. 

The modes come as part of the free Treasure Hunter Update which comes as a free download for all Roundguard platforms,  Apple Arcade, Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can catch a trailer for the new update below.

Daily Puzzle mode adds new daily modifiers to the game, such as “No gravity,” “Poison is permanent,” or the brutal “Defeat the room in two turns or die!” The second new mode, Weekly Run offers a days-long challenge full of new leaderboards to chase. The entire Roundguard community will be tasked with clearing the same 45-level dungeon as fast as failure-free as they can.

With the new modes comes a new enemy too: the Treasure Chest Mimic

Beating these new challenges will reward players with new relics to equip, among "other rewards."

"We’ve heard from our players that Roundguard is a perfect game to relax with as a part of their daily wind-down,” said Andrea Roberts of Wonderbelly. “With the new Daily Puzzle and Weekly Run modes, we wanted to give you fun surprises and something new to try every day.”

The update is out now across all platforms, so whether you play on the go via Apple Arcade or Switch or at home on consoles and PC, you can start bouncing around right now.


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