Rocket Arena Season 1 Blasts Off Today

Rocket Arena Season 1 Blasts Off Today

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Rocket Arena, the indie hero shooter later supported by the EA Originals brand, is done with the preseason and blasts off into season 1 from today. The game launched two weeks ago and has at least three seasons of content already roadmapped, including new heroes, seasonal Blast Passes, and other content.

In the game's first season, the eleventh rocket-equipped hero arrives in the form of Flux. She's described as "a child prodigy ranked at the top of her class at Propulsion Prep, Crater’s boarding school for geniuses. She’s excitable and effusive, focusing on gathering data and using it to her advantage." She also simply adores cats.

The debut season also brings multiple new maps to wage family-friendly war on. Lagoon of Doom is a foggy map featuring a waterfall. Grand Harbor brings more pirate vibes to the game - Blastbeard-approved. Lastly, Kayo Kanyon brings a new wild west aesthetic to the game. 

New Mythic Events will allow players to chase new cosmetics and totems while also expanding on the game's lore such as deeper character and location descriptions. The first-ever Blast Pass for the game brings free and paid tiers for players. Players who buy into and complete the Blast Pass will unlock a total of 117 rewards including 33 new outfits for the game's heroes. Maps and the new hero come free for all players, regardless of their Blast Pass tier or type.

Players are also encouraged to join the game's official Discord where players are unraveling the game's backstory.

Rocket Arena launched on July 14 and earned a "Fair" average on OpenCritic. From 37 reviewers, including this author's 7 out of 10, the game landed on an average of 71. 

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