Fortnite Finally Adds Cars Tomorrow

Fortnite Finally Adds Cars Tomorrow

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With the end of Season 3 coming later this month but all of the excess water now having disappeared in Fortnite, Epic is finally ready to unveil its drivable cars. Head into the game right now and you'll be met with an announcement. While it doesn't say much, it does enough to get people's engines purring, so to speak.

Following the teases in the Season 3 trailer back in June, drivable cars are finally arriving tomorrow, August 5. While the initial trailer indicates a few variants in terms of vehicle models, the in-game announcement just lists one: Whiplash. Looking like a Delorean with racing stripes, the car is likely to be among the fastest ways to get around, especially now that players can't easily swim to stay one step ahead of the storm anymore.

The new vehicles will likely utilize gas stations for the first time too. The map displays several located around the colorful, destructible world, but to date they haven't had any use. That seems likely to change, though we should know more with Wednesday's patch notes.

What remains to be seen is whether cars will be a longterm or perhaps even permanent fixture of the Fortnite meta moving forward, or if they'll disappear into the vault like so many other tweaks and features before it. It's likely at the very least they will be retuned after the massive Fortnite community gets a hold of them beginning tomorrow, as Epic Games will have a clearer picture of how they alter the flow of rounds, for better or worse. One thing we can be sure of: if they do stick around for the long haul, expect Epic to start creating wraps for players to earn or purchase.  

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